Azure’s G Series VMs – Prime Compute Only One Click Away!

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I’m going to start this blog post by making one thing clear. My intent in writing this post is light-hearted – I had some spare time on my hands over a lunch break and I wondered what I could do with it. The result was this blog post :).

Ever since Microsoft announced their G Series Virtual Machines for Azure I’ve been looking for a good reason to fire one up and kick the tyres. Today while I was skimming through my Twitter feed I came across a tweet showing the time it took to calculate the trillionth prime number on a 16 vCPU Linux instance running on GCP.

As any good propeller head knows, the first rule of having access to massive raw compute is to put it to use solving mathematical challenges. This may take the form of a pure maths challenge like finding the n-th digit of…

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Google OpenID and Azure ACS – Time to update!

If you've been around Azure for some time you'll know ACS is one of the foundation services that provides an open authentication platform that can use various identity providers as a source. Traditionally for Google-based identities ACS utilised OpenID which Google is retiring in favour of an OAuth 2.0 implementation ("OpenID Connect"). Microsoft has published … Continue reading Google OpenID and Azure ACS – Time to update!