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Fix Provider error in Cloud Shell when using AKS in a new Azure Region

Given the recent announcement of the GA of Azure Kubernetes Service I thought I would take it for a spin in one of the new Regions it is now available in. I have previously deploy AKS in East US using the Azure Cloud Shell so didn’t expect to run into any issues. However, I hit a minor snag, which I’m documenting here in case you come across it too.

az group create --name rg-aks-01 --location westus2

az aks create –resource-group rg-aks-01 –name testaks01 –node-count 1 –generate-ssh-keys

The subscription is not registered for the resource type ‘managedClusters’ in the location ‘westus2’. Please re-register for this provider in order to have access to this location.

And this is the fix.

az provider register --namespace Microsoft.ContainerService

Registering is still on-going. You can monitor using ‘az provider show -n Microsoft.ContainerService’

Then a short while later I ran the ‘show’ command and can now see this service is available in all the new Regions for GA (snippet shown below).

"locations": [
"UK West",
"East US",
"West Europe",
"Central US",
"Canada East",
"Canada Central",
"UK South",
"West US",
"West US 2",
"Australia East",
"North Europe"

Happy Days! 😎

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Read Tags from Azure Resource Groups and track using Table Storage

If you run in an environment where you need to track changes to Tags on Resource Groups in Azure then you may find this PowerShell snippet useful as code to drop into a Runbook.

The snippet will enumerate all Resource Groups in a Subscription (we assume you are already logged into the Subscription you want to use) and then extract all Tags from each Resource Group and write the details to Azure Table Storage.

Once you run this snippet you will be able to use the data for reporting purposes, where each Resource Group’s Resource ID will be used as the Partition Key, with the Tag Name (Key) and the current Date / Time used as a Row Key. You now have a reporting source you can use in the likes of Power BI.

Happy Days 😎

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