Not Your Father’s Cloud: Windows Azure Services Explained (Intro)

There’s a lot to Microsoft Azure. Your Dad would be amazed. Most likely your Dad struggles to turn on the TV but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s at least go the fundamentals right (like *not* thinking RAM refers to something best left in a field with the other sheep).

In the upcoming series of posts I’m going to do a high level introduction to each Microsoft Azure Service in the format:

  • “Like A Boss” – a summary statement that describes what the Service is.
  • “Goes Well With” – the scenarios the Service is best suited to.
  • “Open Other End” – the Service is not best suited to these uses.
  • “Contents May Be Hot” – things to watch out for when using the Service.
  • “Don’t Take My Word For It” – a range of useful on-line resources that provide further in-depth information.

I’m  inspired to do this by the bite-size information I’m seeing right now in the form of Windows Azure Friday with Scott Hanselman and the Five Minute Friday videos for Office 365.

I hope you’ll find these posts useful when talking about Microsoft Azure with your Dad or your boss (maybe he’s both?!)

While I’m at it, I’m going to tip my hat to Troy Hunt for planting the phrase “not your father” into my brain from his excellent recent post on Azure Web Sites monitoring.  I only realised this when I went to re-read his blog on the topic!

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