7 thoughts on “Partner Access License (PAL) wrangling for SharePoint Online.

  1. I was trying something similar but receiving the error page you show. I had created a new Azure AD, created a test user, and then added this Azure AD user to my Office 365 Azure AD. I was then able to add this external Azure AD user to a group in SharePoint but unable to login to the site. Any ideas on whether my scenario is supported – Tks in advance.


    1. Patrick – Azure AD isn’t treated as an external user – it would be treated as an organisational account by Office 365 and you would most likely get the login failure screen because the user was not found in the directory associated with your O365 subscription. Today there isn’t the ability to invite users from other organisations that are using Azure AD / Office 365 – all PAL users must have a Microsoft Account (Live ID) which is the only way to add them. Hope this helps.

  2. Another thing that I noticed in my testing was that you can add unlicensed Office 365 users to your SharePoint site and they are able to login. I saw an article about this online but it didn’t mention if this violated the licensing agreement if the unlicensed users were partners and not employees. Wondering if this is an alternative solution for external partner users.

    1. Patrick – while that scenario may work, I think (as you highlighted) that it would be against the terms of the licensing you are using. There’s also a clear risk that at any time those users could have access removed – something much less likely to occur with PALs. I’m sure we’ll see changes to how external sharing occurs in the SharePoint Online space so keep an eye out!

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