Sydney Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 Session Content

If you attended the Global Azure Bootcamp in Sydney on April 27 and you are looking for content a speaker presented to then you should find it here.

Content provided is at the discretion of a speaker. As I am sent more content I’ll add links here.

* denotes that the session is covered in the video at the bottom of this post.

Aaron Saikovski – Azure Scaffolding and Foundations for Enterprises
Ahmed Nada – Need for scale, the serverless way *
Daniel Apps – Azure Stack 101
Darren Robinson – Building Apps in Azure with only scripting skills
Nelly Sitari – Azure SignalR Service with Core/ Vue.js *
Omnia Ismail – Containers a la carte *
Somy Ayazi – Build a Descriptive Assistant with Azure Cognitive Services *
Suhas Rao – How to Break Software: The art of continuous testing on Azure *

Catch all the day’s developer sessions below 🙂

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