Recommended Azure developer sessions at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour: Sydney 2019

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Microsoft Ignite | The Tour: Sydney is on February 13 and 14 and presents Australian developers with a massive opportunity to get deep technical guidance on how to build with Microsoft Azure. I took a look through the session catalog and to save you some time I've pulled together this list to help you get the most out of the two days.

Unlike many tech events which are just demonstrations of services and features we are using a business scenario (Tailwind Traders) to frame how you can migrate, build, deploy and operate solutions on Azure. You'll find a lot of the sample code from the event up on GitHub as well :cool:

If you're not already registered there are still plenty of free places left so register now!

Azure Foundations

Even though it just had its tenth birthday not everyone has had the chance to work with Azure, so it's important to get some basics in place before starting.


Everyone's hot topic and probably the tech most likely to change how you develop solutions once you start building native cloud applications on Azure. In Sydney we're lucky enough to have Jeff Hollan from the Functions Team presenting. We'll also cover using Event Grid and Logic Apps as well. Don't miss these sessions!

Identity and security

It's easier than ever to build secure solutions using services like Azure Active Directory and Azure Security Center. We had Kyle Marsh (he's doing the BRK2484 session) talk at the Azure User Group in December 2018 and he knows the Microsoft Identify Platform deeply from a developer's perspective.

Data storage

This is one area where there are numerous options for developers and the hardest part is understanding the options and the times you choose one over the other. These sessions cover storage of both file and text data.

Deploying and migrating to Azure

Whether it's continuous deployment or migration these two sessions have you covered. Damian Brady (DEV20) and Bruno Borges (MIG10) are two of our amazing Cloud Developer Advocate team and bring a world of experience to both their sessions. If you are looking at how you move existing applications to Azure then both of these sessions will provide you with massive value.

Scalability and reliability

Phew! There's a lot of sessions here 🙂. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is no longer reserved just for large-scale providers or businesses. Every developer (and their solutions) can benefit from Microsoft's experience in running large-scale services by using services like Application Insights and Front Door to identify and mitigate problems in deployed applications.

I think going to the SRE sessions will be insightful for developers. If you don't instrument your code properly then operating it can become a nightmare and as a developer it can be hard to visualise how poor instrumentation can impact runtime failure analysis - the SRE sessions will show you the immense value of good telemetry (also: DevOps culture ehem)


Of course any conference can't simply be about just improving knowledge to help with the nuts and bolts of your day-to-day, so to this end I selected the following two sessions that show you what's possible with Azure Cognitive Services today. The Laugh Battle one in particular is pretty cool and has a bunch of existing background information you can read about before you go to the session.

So, there we are! If you're a developer and have been wondering if this event is worth attending then hopefully this has helped sway you to realise it is 🙂 . Don't forget to register if you haven't already, and I'll see you there!