Speaking on Azure PaaS and Serverless in Sydney

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A short update from me on a couple of speaking slots I'm doing in April 2019 that might be of interest if you're in Sydney.

Talk 1: How I built Where's Bit - April 10

Where's Bit?!

Last year at all the developer events Microsoft sponsored in Australia we ran a "hide-and-seek" game based on selfies posted to Twitter. I'm currently working through pushing this up to GitHub and will be talking about how I built the game using a range of Azure's serverless tech - Logic Apps, App Services for Python, Functions and Table Storage.

This is a free lunchtime meetup being held at the Reactor and I'll have swag to give away too! :cool:

Register here: http://meetu.ps/e/Gzh7z/fvRPj/f

Talk 2: Python Flask Apps on Azure App Service - April 18

Python Logo

I always love starting with new languages and my goal for the last year has been to go deeper with Python. As part of the Where's Bit implementation I decided to write the admin site using the Flask web framework for Python. In this talk I'll be covering off how you can use Azure App Service Web Apps to quickly stand up hosting for Python-based solutions.

I'll have swag for good questions 🙂

Register here: http://meetu.ps/e/FFbmv/fvRPj/f