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Phew! I just trawled through all 600+ sessions for this year's online Microsoft Build 2020 and pulled out what I think are the not-to-miss sessions for developers.

I've put together the following list which encompasses the smaller, sometimes interactive sessions that will be on offer. You will be able to catch big keynote moments elsewhere and on-demand so they aren't covered here.

There's a lot of great developer content including sessions on Python, Rust, JavaScript (server and client), Java and, of course, .NET!

In addition there are a stack of Data, ML and Ops sessions I haven't included... should you wish to find out more check out the full catalogue.

You need to have registered for Build in order to be able to attend the sessions below or to build a schedule.

All dates and times listed are in Australian East Standard Time (AEST) which is UTC+10.

If you're interested in what's been going on locally in Australia you don't want to miss registering for our community connect on the Thursday morning. Grab a ☕ and tune in!

G'day from Azure Down Under (Thu 21 May - 9am) Hear from our local community as they cover cool stuff they've been building and give you a chance to ask questions about Azure. > register

Wednesday 20 May 2020 (AEST)

Ask the Team: Visual Studio Code (4:45am) Bit of an early timeslot in Sydney, but well worth it if you have questions or feedback on VS Code! > register

Mark Russinovich on Azure innovation and more! (5:00am) Another early session, but Mark always gives very insightful talks on the fabric and future of Azure. > register

Accelerating Developers with the Microsoft Power Platform (5:30am) Learn how to be productive when building solutions with Microsoft's low-code development platform. > register

Ask the Team: Visual Studio .NET (5:45am) Ask questions on Visual Studio's .NET capabilities. > register

The Journey to One .NET - Live (6:15am) Hear about the future of .NET from Scott Hunter who heads up the team responsible for .NET. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 7:15pm: > register

Ask the Team: Azure App Service Team (6:45am) Talk directly with the team who own the design, build and running of Azure App Service. Using Web Apps or Functions? Come along! > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 2:30pm: > register

C# Today & Tomorrow - Live (7:00am) Mads Torgersen gives an overview of C# 8 and looks at what the current thinking for C# 9 is. > register -- Repeats Wednesday @ 10:00pm: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 3:15pm: > register

Accelerate bot development in Power Virtual Agents (8.30am) If you're new to the bot development space, then this is a great way to get started. > register

Learn Studio Session: Publish a web app to Azure with Visual Studio (8:30am) This is a guided workshop on how to publish ASP.NET Core web apps to Azure App Service. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 4:00pm: > register

What's new with Application Insights & Azure Monitor (8:30am) Learn how Azure's key APM solution, Application Insights, is continuing to grow and evolve. > register

Ask the Team: Azure Logic Apps (8:45am) Ask questions and give feedback on Azure's no-code/low-code development solution. > register -- Repeats Wednesday @ 10:45pm: > register

Modernise your Windows Server apps with containers (9:45am) Demo of how you can use Windows containers and Azure Kubernetes Service to move Windows Server apps to the cloud. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 5:45pm: > register

How to be super productive with Node.js and Visual Studio Code (12:30pm) Node.js web apps, MongoDB, VS Code, GitHub Actions.. Oh My! Advance JS developers session. > register

Recognising speech with a few lines of Python (1:15pm) Learn how you can utilise AI in your Python apps with Azure Cognitive Services. > register

DevOps with Azure, GitHub, and Azure DevOps (1:15pm) Come and find out about the latest announcements on GitHub, Azure DevOps and Azure. > register -- Repeats Wednesday @ 9:15pm: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 2:30pm: > register

Ask the Team: .NET Core (2:00pm) Ask the .NET Core team questions about what you can do today and what you can do in future on any device or platform. > register

Build Python apps in Azure faster with Visual Studio Code (2:00pm) Come and learn how you can build web, data processing and ML solutions using Visual Studio Code and Azure. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 5:30am: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 8:00pm: > register

Ask the Team: Power Platform (3:00pm) The team behind Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents will be available to answer your questions and take your feedback. > register

Create DevOps workspaces in Teams (3:00pm) Learn how to use Teams as your DevOps collaboration hub. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 9:00pm: > register

Build messaging and integration apps on Azure (3:00pm) Learn how to use Event Grid, Service Bus and Logic Apps to build apps on Azure and beyond. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 6:15am: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 9:00pm: > register

Intro to Rust (3:45pm) Come and learn the basics of Rust, including building and running a simple app. > register

Building scalable and secure applications with Azure Cosmos DB (3:45pm) The Cosmos DB team shares the latest features and tools to help you build great apps with Cosmos DB. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 7:00am: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 9:45pm: > register

Modern Java for cloud developers (3:45pm) Hear from the Principal Engineering Manager of the Java Engineering Group at Microsoft on how you can benefit from modern Java language features. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 7:00am: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 9:45pm: > register

Windows Terminal and WSL 2: The new Windows command-line (3:45pm) If you're a heavy Linux user then you're going to want to learn about the features included in WSL2 and also hear about the great features shipping in Windows Terminal. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 7:00am: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 9:45pm: > register

Be a part of MS Build 2020 Digital history! (4:30pm) Find out how you can leave your impression on attending the first digital Build! > register

What developers are doing with Postgres & MySQL on Azure (4:30pm) Azure offers managed version of these popular open source database engines. Find out how developers are using them! > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 10:30pm: > register

Build, integrate & scale with event-driven apps (4:30pm) One of my favourite speakers, and engineering leads in Azure, Jeff Hollan, covers how to build event-driven solutions with Serverless Functions. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 7:45am: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 10:30pm: > register

Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) (7:00pm) Come and learn how you can use Dapr to build resilient microservices across languages and frameworks. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 8:45am: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 11:30pm: > register

The History of Visual Studio Code (7:15pm) Hear from the creator of VS Code as she walks through the journey of how VS Code became the most popular development environment in the world. > register

Migrate Applications to Azure App Service (7:45pm) Learn how you can use the Migration Assistant to move IIS sites and Linux containers to the cloud. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 9:30am: > register

Anyone Can AI! A No-Code Bot That Understands You (7:45pm) See how you can use to add language understanding to bots that you build, regardless of where you host them. > register

Reach millions of users building apps with the Microsoft Identity Platform (8:30pm) Learn how to build apps that can be securely accessed by anyone, from consumers, customers, employees or partners. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 11:00am: > register

Serverless DevOps with GitHub Actions (9:15pm) See how you build, test and deploy to Azure without needing local desktop development environment. > register

An Introduction to Chatbots (10:00pm) Bots are just types of apps, but what makes them a chatbot? This session explores this question and more! > register

The 30 Min Beginner Rust Coding Challenge (11:00pm) Competitive programming to learn Rust using Visual Studio Codespaces and Live Share. > register

First steps with Razor Pages (11:00pm) If you're new to ASP.NET come along and learn how to build Razor-based solutions using Visual Studio Code. > register

Build and Secure Serverless APIs (11:45pm) A panel discussion on best practices for building modern serverless solutions. > register

Introduction to Web Programming with JavaScript (11:45pm) 30 minutes from zero to a working basic web app with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. > register


Thursday 21 May 2020 (AEST)

A lot of sessions from Wednesday are repeated today. You'll find those repeats for sessions I've selected included with the first run of the session on Wednesday above.

A Planetary Computer for a Sustainable Future (2:00am) Super early session, but it would be great to hear from Lucas Joppa, Microsoft's Chief Environment Officer. What a cool (and challenging) job! > register

Ask the Team: Azure Active Directory B2C (4:15am) If you're doing anything that requires online consumer identity integration then you should come along and ask the B2C team all your hard questions! > register

Ask the Team: Visual Studio for Mac (5:15am) Come and see what's shipped recently and give direct feedback to the VS for Mac team. > register

Build apps using AI for a rapidly changing world (6:15am) Azure Cognitive Services provide developers with options to quickly add AI to their existing apps. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 3:15pm: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 7:15pm: > register

C++ development Ask Us Anything (6:45am) Join in to ask questions of the C++ team at Microsoft. Tweet your questions to @visualc with #MSBuild included. > register

How PLEX is taking advantage of React Native (7:15am) If you use PLEX then you won't want to miss this session on how they are using React Native to reach multiple platforms! > register

Add AI to your solutions with Cognitive Services (7:45) Yet more ways to add intelligence to your apps using Azure Cognitive Services. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 4:45pm: > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 9:45pm: > register

Sneak Peak: Logic Apps and Azure Functions (Thu 21 May, 8:15am) This is an opportunity to discuss the new Logic Apps + Functions experience. > register

G'day from Azure Down Under (9:00am) Hear from our local community as they cover cool stuff they've been building and give you a chance to ask questions about Azure. > register

Cognitive Search: The pocket-knife for knowledge mining (2:30pm) This demo-packed session will show how you can use Azure Cognitive Search to add knowledge mining capabilities to your solutions. > register -- Repeats Thursday @ 6:30pm: > register

All about containers (3:00pm) Find out from the experts on how to get started working with containers. > register

Can Polar Bears help predict climate change? Find out with Computer Vision! (3:15pm) Apart from an amazing title :) .. this is a great way to learn about Cognitive Services Computer Vision and Machine Learning. > register

VSCode as an interactive learning environment (4:45pm) Visual Studio Code is so flexible you can use it as a learning environment. Hear how in this session. > register

Cognitive Services for Photo Exploration and Science Art (7:15pm) See how you can use Cognitive Services Computer Vision and Face API to analyse photographs and create portraits. > register

Ask the Team: Java on Azure Functions (7:30pm) Do you have burning questions on using Java to build serverless solutions? Attend this session and ask questions and provide feedback! > register

Build a Virtual Reality Game with JavaScript! (8:00pm) Using BabylonJS to deliver VR experiences in a browser. Cool! > register

Azure Security Center for Developers (Thu 10:15pm) Find out how developers can use Security Center to make their apps more secure. > register

So there we have it - my top picks for sessions to head to for Build 2020. Remember, it's free to attend and all you need to do is register.

If you feel I've missed out any highlights you've seen please make sure to leave a comment letting me know!

Hope I'll see you on Wednesday and Thursday!