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AAD B2C Talk – Innovation Days 2016 Wrap

I recently spoke at the Innovation Days 2016 event held in Sydney on Azure AD B2C.

The presentation for my talk is available here:!AqBI2LiKM4LHwNJvTxrXNAblpTBCJA

and you can find the sample code for the web and API apps here:

Speaking at Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 in Sydney

Global Azure Bootcamp 2016

Just letting everyone know that I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Global Azure Bootcamp on April 16 in Sydney. If you, or anyone you know, wants a free day of training on Azure and what it can do, make sure to reserve your spot and come along!

The presentation from my session can be viewed or downloaded from OneDrive and my (extremely simple) samples are available on Gitbhub.

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